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LEAN-in to QI: Its CLER-ly Important

Primary Leader:
Timothy Griffin

Timothy Griffin
Mary Ottolini

Objective 1:
Apply LEAN principles to enhance quality of a patient care process

Objective 2:
Engage trainees to identify process changes that enhance trainee educational value

Objective 3:
Outline a plan to improve and align patient care AND trainee educational experience using LEAN tools

How do you address IOMs challenge for graduate physicians to be better prepared to work in, help lead, and continually improve an evolving health care delivery system & and lower cost; AND show how you determine the success of its efforts to integrate GME into the quality infrastructure for an ACGME CLER visit? The key to trainee engagement in QI processes is to focus on enhancing educational value of patient care processes using LEAN methods. LEAN is a QI framework to make obvious what adds value by reducing everything else. Our workshop will lead participants through a LEAN process to optimize AND align patient care quality AND education quality. Small groups organized by practice setting will work through ambulatory and inpatient care processes ripe for LEAN rework: 1) the primary care-specialist consultation and referral process, and 2) the discharge process. Participants will leave with a toolkit for further resources to conduct a LEAN intervention at their home institution.