PHM Focus

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An Interprofessional Approach to Patient Safety Training

Primary Leader:
Megan Cardoso

Judi Cullinane
Priya Garg

Objective 1:
" Discuss current needs in healthcare related to patient safety training

Objective 2:
" Participate in a simulated interprofessional patient safety training

Objective 3:
" Learn how to teach others using 5 step approach to analyze a safety event

Health care providers are expected to be actively engaged in patient safety and quality improvement in their healthcare systems. Current front line staff, including nurses, and residents, are also expected to learn skills that will allow them to analyze safety events. Both Root Cause Analysis and Quality Improvement(QI) are interprofessional by nature, but training in these areas is often restricted to individual health professions. We have created a collaboration across pediatric nursing and medicine to develop a 12-week process to teach staff how to identify safety events, use QI tools and work as a team to improve patient outcomes. This process can be utilized in both the tertiary and community setting to train health professionals on how to systematically analyze safety events and improve interprofessional relationships. In this workshop, participants will function in simulated teams and utilize the tools to implement this patient safety training at their home institution.