PHM Focus

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#BYOMD1 (Bring Your Own Mobile Device)

Primary Leader:
Daxa Clarke

Kelly Kelleher
Wendy Arafiles
Samuel Flores
Dustin Monroe

Objective 1:
1. Learn about legal aspects to using technology in medicine.

Objective 2:
2. Learn how to use medical apps to teach your patients/families and help them maintain their health.

Objective 3:
3. Learn how to become more efficient as a medical provider using current medical apps.

With technology readily available at our fingertips, we are finding that we have many more educational tools, communication tools, and teaching tools than previously. Along with this change comes concern regarding patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. We present a 4 part interactive workshop discussing and demonstrating the following topics: 1. The legalities of using technology in medicine. 2. Using apps to improve patient care, patient education, and patient compliance. 3. Using apps to improve providers clinical days. 4. Using apps to revolutionize teaching in academic centers. In small groups, participants will trial apps in the differing arenas, discuss which apps/parts of apps were helpful, develop quizzes for learners and do a mock run within their small group, etc. We find new technology opens up a wide array of opportunities for medical providers, and we hope to share and excite our medical colleagues so that they too can embrace this new way of teaching, working, and communicating and do it all in a HIPAA friendly manner.