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Climbing Mount Everest - How to Think About a Career in Hospitalist Medicine

Primary Leader:
Vincent Chiang


Objective 1:
Describe the factors that contribute to their own and their employer's value system

Objective 2:
Define the concept of the "sweet spot" and develop personal strategies to get there

Objective 3:

Congratulations  youre a hospitalist. You are now a member of the fastest growing field in the history of medicine. Now, you can probably tell me a lot about your job  when youre next on service, how much you get paid, who your boss is, etc. The question, though, is what can you tell me about your career? Why do you do what you do? What will you be doing 5 years from now? 10? 20? How will you make your career decisions? The purpose of this workshop is to help you start thinking about these questions. The workshop will start with a few self-reflective exercises to get you think about what you love to do and your concept of work-life integration. Next, the concepts of finding your sweet spot and crafting your mission statement will be introduced. Well discuss how to understand your employers value system. Finally, the workshop will end with some very practical pearls for anyone who has aspirations about advancing their career.