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Pediatric Hospitalist Programs in Community Hospitals: Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Primary Leader:
Jeff Brown

Rachel Marek
Michelle Hofmann
Jack Percelay
Beth Natt
Thomas Nichols

Objective 1:
Session participants will better understand the unique aspects of working in and directing a pediatric hospitalist program in a community hospital setting.

Objective 2:
Session participants will learn from pediatric hospitalists working in similar settings about how they addressed unique aspects of providing care in these settings.

Objective 3:
Session participants will better undertand what resources are available through the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Academic Pediatric Assoication (APA) and other national organizations to assist them in addressing issues at their home institutions.

Pediatric hospitalist programs continue to proliferate in the U.S. Current estimates are that between 3,500 to 4,000 pediatric hospitalists practice in U.S. hospitals and about 65 to 70% of these are in community hospital settings. These community hospital-based programs are unique and offer challenges that are different from programs in university, childrens hospitals or other settings. This session is being presented for the fourth consecutive year at the PHM Meeting in the same format, but covering different topics. We will explore the unique aspects of pediatric hospitalist programs in community hospital settings including recruitment/retention, services provided, quality indicators, coding/billing, financial management and other issues. This should be a particularly relevant session for pediatric hospitalists who work in and/or direct pediatric hospitalist programs in community hospital settings.