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Professional Development: So You Want To Do Safety and Quality?

Primary Leader:
Shannon Phillips

Amrit Gill
Michele Saysana

Objective 1:
Identify key knowledge and skills for effective leadership roles in quality and safety

Objective 2:
Describe the professional paths that prepare one for a quality/safety opportunity

Objective 3:
Explore various strategies, structures and metrics that will lead to success along this career path

This workshop will provide a road map for individuals looking to pursue a career in quality and safety to create the necessary strategy, structure and metrics to achieve success along this path. We will describe the key knowledge and skills that are essential to developing this career path for success. There will be an introductory presentation to frame the workshop and to assess the current state among the attendees. The presenters from varied backgrounds and with variable experience in the field of quality and safety will share their respective professional journeys in a discussion format  emphasizing what works and what doesnt. We plan to adapt to the level of need in the workshop. Attendees should leave with some concrete next steps to further their exploration of this domain of hospital medicine. This workshop would be of interest to anyone who is actively considering this as an area for active professional development or for those who are coaching /mentoring colleagues considering a career path in this space.