PHM Focus

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Blurred Lines: Thinking Locally and Acting Globally - Transnational Issues in Medicine

Primary Leader:
Michael Koster

Jeremy Kern
Sean Ervin
Phuoc Le
Richard Hobbs
Jacqueline Gautier

Objective 1:
Formulate ways to begin/improve your personal engagement in Global Health

Objective 2:
Describe approaches to crisis management of infectious disease outbreaks

Objective 3:
Hone procedural skills with suturing, interosseous access, and intubation

Global Health is no longer something over there, it is has arrived at our doorstep with Ebola. We feel that the committees decision to include Global Health as a track this year is an important step in recognizing the interconnectedness of our world. We believe that Global Health will eventually find itself embedded in medical school curricula so as not to even be discernible to the learner. In the meantime this workshop highlights ongoing current world-wide pandemics as well as US epidemics, followed by some practical hands-on experience with suturing, intubation, interosseous placement, and culminating in a discussion of how to begin your own engagement in Global Health in addition to describing the role of the Academic Medical System in facilitating collaboration, partnership, and consortia. Lectures will be case-based and interactive where possible and audience members can expect to network and gain skills helpful at home and abroad.