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Care of Adult Patients with Chronic Conditions Originating in Childhood in Childrens Hospitals - Growing Challenges in a Gray Area

Primary Leader:
Lori Herbst

Erin Conway-Habes
Brian Herbst
Ben Kinnear
Jennifer O'Toole

Objective 1:
Identify barriers to providing quality medical care to adult patients with chronic conditions originating in childhood in the pediatric hospital setting.

Objective 2:
Discuss adult specific issues and ways these have been addressed at one institution using a Hospital Medicine Adult Care (HMAC) consult service.

Objective 3:
Identify and engage administrators and faculty to begin building systems for adult care in pediatric hospitals.

Attendees of this workshop will be introduced to the development a Hospital Medicine Adult Care (HMAC) consult service as one strategy to care for hospitalized adults with chronic conditions originating in childhood. They will work in small groups to identify barriers to providing inpatient care to these patients and will be asked to brainstorm solutions to these issues based upon various hospital infrastructures and resources. Attendees will gain knowledge regarding who may be useful partners when building a program at their institution. They will learn about patient safety concerns that have arisen at other institutions, and will receive sample protocols for how to manage adult emergencies in pediatric institutions as well as be exposed to contingency plans for when the care cannot be safely provided within a pediatric hospital. Throughout the session, participants will utilize an interactive guidebook to help walk them through the process, challenges and possible solutions of developing and growing an infrastructure to care for adult patients with chronic conditions originating in childhood.