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You Leaned In, Now What? Leadership for Women in PHM

Primary Leader:
Shawn Ralston

Geeta Singhal
Rita Pappas

Objective 1:
Discuss barriers to career advancement specific to women

Objective 2:
Learn specific strategies to overcome barriers to career advancement

Objective 3:

With the advent of high profile female CEOs, like Cheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer, the subject of how women achieve leadership roles in contemporary society has become a frequently discussed topic. Pediatrics is a female majority field and yet the majority of leadership positions in both academic departments and hospital operations are men. This is likely to change over the coming decades. This workshop will address the process of negotiating the power ladder in health care settings from a female perspective. The session introduction will focus on some typical barriers to women entering leadership positions whereas the breakout table sessions will focus on more specific issues encountered based on personality types. Participants will choose a breakout table based on how well their own perceived challenges match up with those presented by the sessions leaders. Finally, the group will come back together for a report out and final session where we will share professional resources for career advancement for women in health care.