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Innovative and Evidence-based Strategies to Incorporate Teaching on Family-Centered Bedside Rounds

Primary Leader:
Anna Gay

Grant Christman
Mark Corden
Rajesh Donthi
Kira Molas-Torreblanca
Michelle Essig
Vineeta Mittal
Mary Ottolini
Jennifer Maniscalco

Objective 1:
Demonstrate evidence-based educational techniques suitable for use in family centered bedside rounds (FCBR).

Objective 2:
Formulate an educational strategy for FCBR that takes into account factors such as learner needs, patients' medical conditions, and logistical considerations.

Objective 3:
Recall key evidence that supports the incorporation of medical education into FCBR.

Frustrated by the constraints work-hour restrictions have imposed on your teaching time? Curious about ways to incorporate teaching on family-centered bedside rounds (FCBR)? This workshop will provide attendees with a repertoire of teaching strategies they can employ on FCBR. The workshop will begin with a large group session describing teaching methods best suited to FCBR and the evidence behind them. Next, participants will be provided with a sample daily census of 10 general pediatric patients and will devise an educational plan to be implemented on FCBR addressing the unique clinical features of the patients on their census and educational needs of the learners on their team. Multiple techniques will be highlighted through a combination of small group and role-playing exercises. An annotated bibliography and several handouts detailing specific techniques will be provided at the conclusion.