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Pediatric Dogmas - What is The Evidence

Primary Leader:
Ricardo Quinonez

Kavita Parikh
Shawn Ralston
Eric Biondi
Alan Schroeder

Objective 1:
1. Describe some current standards of care in pediatric practice and the evidence behind them

Objective 2:
2. Propose new candidates that are considered accepted dogmas in pediatrics where evidence might be lacking

Objective 3:
3. Discuss ways to incorporate critical thinking in medical education that incorporates questioning accepted practices

Does the flu shot work? Is exclusive breastfeeding as best as we think it is? Is UTI a serious bacterial infection? Many common aspects of pediatric practice are seemingly sacrosanct. There are certain subjects that are considered either settled science or practices that are so traditional that pediatricians no longer question them. Practicing hospitalists, guidelines and even recognized experts may inadvertently perpetuate practices which sometimes lack strong evidence. This interactive session will explore many of these practices. Evidence for or against said practices will be presented and an exploration of why they are considered standards of care will be undertaken. The audience will be asked to propose their own dogmas that they encounter in their daily practice and what their opinion of the evidence supporting it is. Finally a toolbox of strategies to promote critical thinking in medical education that encourages continuously questioning accepted practices will be proposed