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Engaging Family in the Discharge Process: Improving the Transition from Hospital to Home

Primary Leader:
Sandra Gage

Rebecca Rosenberg
Leah Mallory
Amanda Rogers
Juliette Schlucter
Snezana Nena Osorio
David Rappaport
Daria Ferro
David Cooperberg

Objective 1:
1. Recognize methods to promote provider and family engagement in the discharge process starting at admission

Objective 2:
2. Identify and address health literacy barriers using Teach Back and other teaching tools.

Objective 3:
3. Design an effective Discharge Roadmap that will bridge the transition to home.

Transition from hospital to home presents safety risks to pediatric patients. Emphasis on family engagement and effective communication during the hospital stay may better equip families to assume a childs home care; thereby preventing failures in medication administration, confusion with contingency plans, and missed follow-up appointments. In this workshop, participants will interact with parents, nurses and providers to gain a multifaceted perspective on the transition process, explore methods to help overcome barriers to adherence, and learn key elements required to smooth the transition to home. Multimedia sessions, large group interactions and large and small group discussions will focus on family engagement, health literacy, teaching styles including Teach Back, and the key components of an effective discharge roadmap. Breakout sessions involving role play and discussion of core concepts will lead to participant development of an effective discharge roadmap and transition document.