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Electronic Health Record Tools for Quality Improvement Projects: Making the Right Thing Easy

Primary Leader:
Eric Shelov

Levon Utidjian
Eric Kirkendall
Christopher Bonafide

Objective 1:
Review QI and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) fundamentals and types of CDS tools available in most electronic health records (EHRs).

Objective 2:
Identify the pitfalls and potential harm of poorly designed EHR interventions.

Objective 3:
Use a problem-oriented algorithm and implementation toolkit to design an EHR intervention for a local QI project.

As we strive to deliver improved outcomes, the EHR can be a powerful tool in standardizing care. You are likely familiar with order sets and may have designed your own, but is it always the right tool for the job? Have you built a great order set only to become frustrated that nobody is using it in the way you intended? Knowing which EHR Decision Support tool is the best fit for your project is vital, but it can be challenging. Even without becoming a software or usability expert, you can learn to approach problems and QI projects in a way that greatly facilitates finding the right EHR tool for the intended results. This approach takes the 5 rights of effective Decision Support (right person, information, time, format, channel) and incorporates them into a non-technical problem-oriented algorithm. In this workshop you will apply this methodology to your own actual or potential projects and be poised to have a much more efficient and productive partnership with your IS team.