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Should She Stay or Should She Go? Determining Admission and Transfer Criteria for Pediatric Patients in Your Community Hospital

Primary Leader:
Anuradha Dayal

Jessica Herstek
Francisco Alvarez
Laura Kelley
Jennifer Everhart

Objective 1:
1. Identify barriers and delineate limitations to providing safe and competent care for pediatric patients in their own community hospital setting.

Objective 2:
2. Implement strategies to build capacity at their home institution as needed, for example by successfully lobbying for resources (e.g. specialty medical equipment, pediatric-trained ancillary staff) or by developing effective educational or telemedicine

Objective 3:
3. Define discrete admission and transfer criteria for common clinical scenarios that are appropriate and specific to their home institutions.

Pediatric hospitalists working in community hospitals must be aware of the capabilities and limitations of their practice setting in order to make safe admission and transfer decisions. It can be challenging to routinely anticipate which patients can be safely and appropriately cared for in their community hospital, and which are better transferred to a pediatric tertiary care center. Like politics, all community hospital capabilities are local. Developing clear, consistent admission and transfer guidelines can help community hospitalists appraise their hospitals capabilities and delineate limitations, build capacity as needed, and develop robust programs to ensure maintenance of competence across disciplines. This session will bring together pediatric hospitalists with experience in diverse community hospitals to compare practice settings, identify barriers, and review solutions to common conundrums in caring for pediatric patients in a community hospital setting.