PHM Focus

Schedule at a Glance

Upgrade Your Teaching: Developing and Improving an Online Learning System

Primary Leader:
Grant Christman

Sheree Schrager
Margaret Trost
Nancy Chen
Jeff Sestokas
Paul Fu
Mary Ottolini

Objective 1:
Convert a traditional educational presentation into an interactive e-learning course, taking advantage of built-in learner evaluation features

Objective 2:
Utilize multimedia, plug-ins, and add-ons to advance a basic e-learning system

Objective 3:
Develop an e-learning website in order to share courses and other educational materials with colleagues and learners

Participants will have the opportunity to develop an e-learning system from scratch or to learn new tools to take a pre-existing e-learning system to the next level. Participants can tailor the experience to their needs by selecting 4 of 6 available interactive breakout sessions: educational theory and adult learning principles in e-learning; converting traditional didactic lectures into an e-learning course; developing, hosting, and maintaining an e-learning website; using built-in research and evaluation tools; developing shareable interactive multimedia instructional modules; and enhancing an e-learning framework with free plug-ins, add-ons, and multimedia. The workshop will conclude with an interactive session where participants can share their experiences and learn how to implement e-learning programs at their own institutions. We will have laptops and tablets available for demonstration, but participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops to the session.