PHM Focus

Schedule at a Glance

Preparing Poster & Oral Presentations

Primary Leader:
Jamie Librizzi

Elena Aragona
Padma Pavuluri
Neha Shah
Kavita Parikh
Russell McCulloh

Objective 1:
1. Identify key factors to consider when preparing a scientific poster for presentation

Objective 2:
2. Identify key elements to consider when preparing an oral platform presentation

Objective 3:
3. Apply key concepts to develop an effective poster and/or oral presentation

The culminating experience for any academician is presentation of scientific work to peers, frequently via poster and oral presentations at scientific meetings. How research is presented can significantly impact the ability to publish, collaborate with others, obtain grant funding, and ultimately improve patient care. This practical, interactive workshop will benefit students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty interested in developing effective poster and oral presentations for scientific meetings. The first part of the workshop will focus on a systematic approach to effective poster development including design, format, content and logistics regarding poster preparation and printing. The second part of the workshop will focus on a systematic approach to preparing effective oral presentations including content, timing, use of audiovisual slides and fielding audience questions. At the conclusion of the worshop, participants will leave with a resource toolkit.