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There are wires coming out of this patient!

Primary Leader:
Suzanne Prestwich


Objective 1:
Following completion of this topic presentation, participants will have better understanding of the indications and management of intrathecal baclofen pumps.

Objective 2:
Following completion of this Topic Presentation, participants will have a better understanding of the use of diaphragmatic pacers.

Objective 3:

Pediatric patients with complex medical and technology needs are commonly seen by pediatric hospitalists. Without exposure to new technology, pediatricians may be perplexed regarding appropriate management of this fragile population. In this lecture, we will present illustrative cases of patients who require technology beyond the typical gastrostomy tube which is often seen in the acute care setting. Using rehabilitation cases, we will review gastrostomy, duodenostomy and jejunostomy tube management. We will then review tracheostomy tubes (indication for placement and steps for removal). We will then address the use of chronic ventilators including typically seen models for home use. Next, we will discuss the indications for and management of diaphragmatic pacers. Lastly, we will address spasticity management via the use of medication and intrathecal baclofen pump. Participants will leave with improved knowledge and confidence in the management of these complex patients.