PHM Focus

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Teaching Adult Learning with Emerging New Technologies Takes TALENT!

Primary Leader:
Aarti Patel

Kristel Tafoya
Nicholas Kuzma
Benjamin Kinnear
Rebecca Blankenburg
Jennifer Maniscalco

Objective 1:
Describe methods for obtaining adult learning preferences.

Objective 2:
Articulate at least 2 online and 2 mobile app resources that can be used for medical education.

Objective 3:
Create an educational teaching point using multimodal and technologic modalities.

Over the past decade, learners have increasingly turned to online and mobile application resources to find medical information. In addition, while it has been shown that they prefer teaching to be multimodal, most instruction is verbal or written on the inpatient wards. Pediatric hospitalists need to adapt their teaching style to improve communication of knowledge. In order to optimize their teaching skills, participants will discuss adult learning theory, explore their own preferred learning styles, and learn about technologic tools for use in medical education. Participants will work in small groups for hands-on conversion of a unimodal teaching topic into a multimodal educational product, which will be shared with the whole group. At the end, hospitalists will be able to take away informational handouts, as well as a completed product for future use with their learners. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops, tablets, or smartphones to maximize their experience.