PHM Focus

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Research 301: Writing a Manuscript for Publication

Primary Leader:
Samir Shah

Rajendu Srivastava

Objective 1:
To understand the manuscript writing and publishing process

Objective 2:
To develop successful manuscript writing skills

Objective 3:
To formulate an approach to post-manuscript submission sisues and responses to letters to the editor

Research findings are commonly disseminated to the medical community through publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The process of manuscript writing can be challenging. This session will incorporate a hands-on, practical approach to the manuscript writing process by experienced authors. Participants will learn, through specific examples, how the study quality, narrative, reporting style, and writing style can be improved. Participants will assist in writing a manuscript based on a 2015 Pediatric Hospital Medicine abstract presentation while receiving direct feedback and positive reinforcement. The candidate whose abstract is selected for presentation will receive mentoring by the workshop leaders through regular email and phone correspondence over the next year to achieve manuscript submission. Additional guidance will be provided to assist with response to reviewer comments.