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Effective Intranasal Sedation - Getting Rid of the "Ouch"

Primary Leader:
Kelly Basaldua

Jason Reynolds
Dan Sedillo
David Diaz de Leon

Objective 1:
1. Review the published evidence on intranasal sedation for children in the hospital setting.

Objective 2:
2. Discuss the indications for intranasal sedation.

Objective 3:
3. Review the use of combination intranasal agents and other more traditional sedation routes.

The number of PHM programs that include sedation in their every day practice continues to grow. There are many ways of effectively and safely performing sedations. Intranasal sedation can be a very desirable route for administering sedation agents. It eliminates the sometimes painful and traumatic venipuncture that is often unnecessary for certain procedures. This interactive workshop will explore the published literature regarding current intranasal sedation practices and discuss different clinical indications/scenarios in which this route can best be utilized. An overview of current drug options and technique for intranasal administration will be discussed and demonstrated. Experience with combination of intranasal agents with other more traditional routes of sedation will be presented. The presentation will include a simulation exercise to allow participants to practice hands-on delivery of intranasal sedation.