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Stop Lecturing Me!: Incorporating Active Learning Strategies Into Your Teaching

Primary Leader:
Alison Holmes

Michele Long
Jennifer Rosenthal
Caroline Rassbach
Becky Blankenburg

Objective 1:
1. Discuss how active learning occurs in day to day practice

Objective 2:
2. Utilize a handful of techniques to practice active learning in the classroom at conferences, and in small group teaching in clinical settings

Objective 3:
3. Transform existing lecture-style materials into sessions that more actively engage learners

Active learning methods encourage problem solving, help medical students, residents and fellows to apply new material, and improve knowledge acquisition and retention, as well as clinical skills. In order to both most effectively engage learners and lead to retained knowledge, and to meet the requirements of accreditation bodies, pediatric hospitalists are more frequently needing to use active learning techniques in their teaching. Modalities of active learning include case-based presentations, variations on team-based learning and problem-based learning, and role-plays, amongst others. Through a series of interactive exercises, this workshop will introduce four active learning techniques and enable participants to transform their current educational content with active learning strategies. Participants will leave the workshop with a strategic plan to incorporate active learning in the coming academic year.