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UTI Management Beyond the AAP Guideline: New Evidence, Current Controversies, and Quality Improvement

Primary Leader:
Richard Engel

Brian Pate

Objective 1:
Manage pediatric UTI using evidence based medicine through implementation of the AAP UTI CPG

Objective 2:
Analyze and integrate the relevant literature post AAP UTI CPG

Objective 3:
Understand the remaining controversies and gaps in the literature relative to the management of pediatric UTI

Are you still a little confused about when to order a VCUG? Do you start sweating before you call Urology for consults? Are blood cultures worth ordering on a 3 month-old with UTI? Should procalcitonin levels influence your management? If you still have questions such as these, or wonder how to improve your institution's compliance with the AAP UTI Clinical Practice Guideline, let the project leaders for the Value in In-Patient Pediatric (VIP) Networks UTI project (Q-UTI) help guide you. We will present the latest evidence, updated perspectives of controversial recommendations, and a framework for turning the narrative guideline into measurable outcomes to enhance the value of implementation in your practice. In addition, presenters will provide an update on the VIPs Q-UTI collaborative improvement project, highlighting successes and challenges to date and facilitating group interaction with the goal of enhancing day-to-day value of this important guideline.