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Use the Gut to Stop the Butt: Why Enteral Hydration is Best for Acute Gastroenteritis and What We Can Do to Change Culture

Primary Leader:
Elizabeth Davis

James O'Callaghan
Valerie Jurgens

Objective 1:
Apply the literature on enteral hydration to the management of acute gastroenteritis (AGE), and understand the benefits of using the gut in managing AGE.

Objective 2:
Formulate an argument for using enteral hydration as the first line therapy for mild to moderate dehydration due to AGE.

Objective 3:
Use a clinically applicable scoring system to assess severity of dehydration.

Enteral rehydration is a low-technology, low-cost strategy backed by decades of evidence. However, many practitioners do not recognize the benefits or effectiveness of this therapy and still believe that intravenous fluid (IVF) resuscitation for mild to moderate dehydration in acute gastroenteritis is better and faster. Many also do not realize the extensive but preventable costs and complications associated with the use of IVF and peripheral IV lines. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the history of how IVF came to be preferred over enteral hydration in the US, understand the evidence supporting the use of enteral hydration, learn useful tools to apply in clinical management, and develop tools and techniques to implement an effective culture change at their institution. By exploring this topic, we hope to empower hospitalists to bring this long overdue culture change to their hospitals and community.