Peer Mentoring Session

Longitudinal Session I (2 hours)

  1. Outline the longitudinal sessions with goals and learning activities.
  2. Within groups: Provide a brief personal history and current professional roles.
  3. Within small groups: Present a project that you are currently or plan to work on.
  4. Develop this project with feedback from peers.
  5. Define desired process, outcomes and timelines.
  6. Modify project plans based on feedback.

This first of four longitudinal sessions will begin with a large group overview of the process. Participants will receive information in order to help them be active participants in the subsequent sessions. Following the introduction, participants will break into groups that they will continue to work in for the remainder of the meeting. Once in these groups, participants will give individual introductions, including a brief personal history and a description of their current professional roles. Participants will then break into smaller groups to describe a project they are currently working on or plan to work on. The remaining time will focus on the development of a plan to address the project. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice and develop their presentation skills and benefit from learning facilitation techniques designed to enhance the project plans of their peers.

Longitudinal Session II (1.5 hours)

  1. Describe the necessary components for an executive summary (or elevator speech).
  2. Present and receive feedback on your executive summary for your project.

Participants in this session will continue work within their small groups. They will learn about the components of an executive summary and have time within the session to develop one for their project. They will then present their executive summary to their small group. Each presentation will be time limited, with time for feedback and then additional time for a 2nd presentation to strengthen the executive summary.

Longitudinal Session III (1 hour)

  1. Choose project for presentation to panel
  2. Group develop and refine presentation

Participants in this session will work in their groups. Each will present their practiced executive summary to the larger group. After which the group will choose one project for potential presentation to the panel. The group will then help that participant refine their presentation and ask.

Longitudinal Session IV (1.5 hours)

  1. Present (and/or learn from the presentation of) an executive summary to a panel of department chairs and CEO/COOs.
  2. Acquire strategies to enhance your individualized executive summary to present to your own department chair or senior leader.

During this session several presentations will be chosen to present to a panel of chairs and CEO/COOs for discussion.





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