Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Procedural sedation for pediatric hospitalists
Mythili Srinivasan, Kim Hamlin, Michael Turmelle, Yasmeen Daud, Stephen Wilson, Karen Sun, Darren Fiore, Clay Bordley, Glenn Rosenbluth
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Evaluate institutional needs for a pediatric sedation service and identify key resources required for a safe sedation program.
  2. Design effective sedation protocols and templates and discuss the regulatory issues affecting the design and implementation of a sedation service.
  3. Discuss the pharmacodynamics of commonly used sedatives and practice evaluating patients for sedation and developing a sedation plan.
  4. Integrate the use of non-pharmacological modalities into sedation plans and participate in the demonstration of non-pharmacological modalities for procedural support

Hospitalists are increasingly asked to provide procedural sedation for children. Multiple barriers exist for the development of a sedation service including credentialing requirements, formulary restrictions, and training issues. This workshop will provide a framework for developing and enhancing pediatric sedation programs. Topics will include:

  • Assessing institutional sedation needs:
    Small groups will discuss sedation options in their institutions and strategies to develop and improve program flexibility, effectiveness and safety.
  • Credentialing, training and safe systems for sedation:
    Participants will work through the steps in provider credentialing and training and the development of safe systems and quality improvement tools.
  • Sedation drugs, pharmacodynamics, and risk factors for sedation:
    Small groups will discuss common sedatives and their pharmacodynamics, risks and contraindications.
  • Non-pharmacological modalities:
    Learners will consider non-pharmacological adjuncts during interactive demonstrations of distraction, acupressure, guided imagery, iPads and child life activities.




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