Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Research 301: Writing a Manuscript for Publication
Samir Shah, Raj Srivastava
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. To understand the manuscript and publishing process including pre-writing (authorship issues, selecting a journal, journal styles).
  2. To develop successful manuscript writing skills
  3. To formulate an approach to post-manuscript submission issues including response to manuscript disposition (i.e., rejection, revision) and response to letters to the editor

The session will incorporate a practical review of guidelines for manuscript submission in journals frequently utilized by pediatric hospitalists. Through specific examples, we will emphasize how the study quality, narrative, scientific reporting style, and writing style can be improved. We will also highlight fundamental principles that many unsuccessful manuscripts fail to implement. Participants will then be divided into smaller groups to write different sections of a manuscript based on an abstract presented at the 2012 Pediatric Hospital Medicine meeting. Participants will receive constructive feedback on their work in a large group interactive setting to discover what reviewers and readers expect to see in a submitted manuscript and to reinforce strategies on how to avoid common pitfalls associated with manuscript writing. Participants will acquire skills on organizing and writing a manuscript through hands on experience. This session will also specifically highlight how the process of manuscript writing differs from manuscript critique and review.




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