Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

The Project Hopper: Optimizing and Prioritizing Hospitalists Group Quality Improvement Projects
Y. Raymond Chan, Brian Pate, Kevin Mroczka
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Know the barriers for effective quality improvement in a hospitalist group
  2. Know the steps in constructing a project prioritizing too

Hospitalists are becoming leaders in systematically improving care delivered to patients. Unfortunately, hospitalists are bombarded with QI ideas, pulled between the priorities of frontline clinicians and administrators, and handcuffed by finite resources. As a result, QI efforts lead to divided attention and resources, delayed project completion, inefficiency, and dissatisfaction. Nevertheless the questions remain: How to identify the projects that will give their healthcare system the most bang for the buck? How can they align the various voices speaking into QI but still capture the individual's innovative ideas? How can a few QI experts support each hospitalist in developing acumen and creating early success? The medical literature offers few answers. However, by modifying existing business tools, hospitalists can collectively identify projects that will drive QI momentum while optimizing available resources. This workshop will demonstrate an example of an organizational and prioritization tool adapted for health care. Participants will take the first steps in developing their own tool that addresses the unique challenges of their program.




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