Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Strategies for Implementing A Successful Handoff Program for Pediatric Hospitalists
Jennifer O'Toole, Glenn Rosenbluth, Lauren Destino, April Allen, Megan Aylor, Maitreya Coffey, Jennifer Everhart, Jennifer Hepps, Christine Hrach, Vahideh Nilforoshan, Shilpa Patel, Adam Stevenson, Michael Turmelle, Raj Srivastava, Christopher Landrigan, Daniel West, Nancy Spector, Theodore Sectish, Amy Starmer
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Detail the steps necessary to implement a handoff program/curriculum, including
    • identification of local champions
    • curriculum development
    • tool selection and adaptation
    • implementation
    • maintenance
  2. Build a personalized Implementation Blueprint and Plan for a handoff program at your institution
  3. Articulate strategies for direct observation and feedback of the handoff process using validated tools across provider-groups and learner-levels
  4. Provide faculty development to assist local handoff champions in developing their handoff, direct observation and feedback skill

Handoffs represent high-risk points for inadequate communication that can result in adverse events for patients. Many pediatric hospitalists are engaged in improving the handoff processes at their institution as part of ACGME requirements, Joint Commission standards, QI initiatives or hospital safety programs. The goal of this workshop is to provide academic and community hospitalists with skills and information to successfully implement a handoff program at their own institutions. We will provide practical ideas and strategies for all stages of a handoff program including: recruiting stake-holders and champions, transformational change, faculty development, handoff direct observations, and corresponding evaluation tools. Participants will create an Implementation Blueprint and Plan (IBP) that will prepare them to implement a handoff program at their institution. References, resources, curricular materials, and validated tools will be made available by the I-PASS Study Group.




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