Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Promotions: How to Get Ahead by Getting Credit for the Work You Already Do!
Joyee Vachani, Alison Holmes, David Lloyd
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will Identify themes in the promotion process that exist nationally for hospitalists
  2. Participants will apply feedback on how to improve their CV
  3. Participants will create a 5 year plan
  4. Participants will apply and incorporate mentorship tools at their institution

Faculty promotion is a hurdle that many of us face. Although some issues are institution- specific, there are several universal barriers and solutions that exist nationally. Prior to attending the workshop, participants will identify personal and institutional barriers they face, and investigate the promotion tracks at their institution. Participants will complete a 5 year plan worksheet and update their CV, both of which they will bring to the workshop. By requiring some pre-work, faculty workshop attendees will have been able to reflect on these topics and will then be ready for discussion. Workshop leaders will identify themes that exist nationally. Small group activities will include feedback on CVs, developing a 5 year plan, and reviewing mentorship tools. Finally, participants will be given a resource CD with several tools so they can continue to reflect on these ideas after the workshop and ultimately integrate them into successful promotion.




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