Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Apparent Life Threatening Events: The Past, Present, and Future
Joel Tieder
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Define ALTE and associated symptoms
  2. Understand the epidemiology and differential diagnosis of ALTE
  3. Understand the relationship of ALTE and SIDS
  4. Apply the most recent evidence and a systematic approach to the management of ALTE patient

Apparent Life Threatening Events (ALTEs) are one of the most challenging conditions for pediatricians to manage. At the beginning of this interactive session, members from the Pediatric Hospital Medicine ALTE expert panel will present the results of their recent systematic reviewed of over 30 years of ALTE publications. Then, using case presentations, participants will learn to diagnose and manage ALTE patients using an evidence- and risk-based approach. Finally, working in small groups, participants will develop initial recommendations for a national guideline and present their proposal to the entire group for consensus. A lively discussion is expected.




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