Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Fellowships in Pediatric Hospital Medicine: A Practical Guide for Development
Neha Shah, Jennifer Maniscalco, Erin Stucky Fisher, Wendy Van Ittersum, Rani Gereige, Lindsay Chase, Benjamin Bauer
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the history of PHM fellowships and the evidence behind them
  2. Identify perceived barriers to developing a PHM fellowship and potential solutions
  3. Recognize solutions presented by established programs that may be applicable to home institution
  4. Create a checklist of resources and delineate an action plan for program implementation

Pediatric hospitalists are important contributors to pediatric departments, participating in scholarly activities, occupying leadership positions, and contributing to the education of new pediatricians. Pediatric residencies prepare young physicians to care for a spectrum of both well and ill children, yet most do not provide the advanced clinical, administrative, and research skills needed to thrive as leaders in hospital settings. Pediatric hospitalist fellowships can provide such training and prepare graduates for success, both in community settings as well as academic settings. Do you think your institution should offer this type of training? Are you unsure where to find resources to develop a PHM fellowship? This interactive workshop is designed to provide a practical guide to building a PHM fellowship at one s own institution. The session will be facilitated by PHM fellowship directors from across the nation, several of whom have experience creating PHM fellowship programs.




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