Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Adult Learning Theory: Using Technology in Medical Education
Michael Rinke, Eric Balighian, Janet Serwint, Michael Burke
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will explore the benefits of technology as a tool for implementing adult learning principles in medical education.

Adult learning theory principles facilitate lasting knowledge and are increasingly recognized as important in medical education. Bedside teaching capitalizes on adult learning principles yet can be difficult for large groups, during classically didactic education times such as noon conference and given work hour restrictions. Technology-based medical education methods engage modern medical learners, employ adult learning principles, impart improved retention of and attention to clinical topics and can standardize clinical experiences for learners, assuring that all students receive required clinical knowledge. In this session we will discuss adult learning theory and its intersections with technology-based education. We will then proceed through an interactive demonstration and explanation of four technology-based medical education strategies currently employed in our institutions. With participant input, the workshop will create a "tool-box" of technology-based strategies for medical educators to utilize in their own hospitals.




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