Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2012

Emergencies in the Technology-Dependent Child: What Every Hospitalist Needs to Know
Neha Shah, Priti Bhansali, Aisha Davis, Michelle McGarry-Hansen, Kavita Parikh, Allison Ballantine, Olga Morozova, Anjna Melwani, Jennifer Hwang
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the potential morbidities unique to technology dependent children
  2. Evaluate and assess the technology dependent child with special health care needs experiencing a respiratory, surgical, or neurologic emergency
  3. Develop a plan to integrate safety principles pertaining to technology dependent children for a multidisciplinary health care team

Every pediatric hospitalist has taken care of a child with special health care needs. Technology-dependent children with special health care needs present a unique set of morbidities, some of which may be associated with malfunction of the very devices used to treat them. This workshop is intended to familiarize pediatric hospitalists with the types of emergencies that they are likely to encounter in different settings where they may care for this population. The session will begin with a brief, interactive overview of the various devices utilized by this patient population for their neurologic, respiratory, and nutritional needs. In small breakout groups, participants will rotate through 4 different hands-on stations set up to simulate a complex care emergency and have the opportunity to apply clinical care concepts. Finally, as a large group, participants will brainstorm to develop strategies to implement safety principles learned in this workshop for trainees, colleagues, and other health care personnel in their various practice settings. Participants of this workshop will leave with a toolkit of resources to take back to their home institutions.




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