Global Health Research Award

Purpose: To promote clinical research in the areas of primary care pediatrics, common child health problems, child health services, and pediatric education in developing countries. The winner will be invited to present their research at the 2019 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland (April 27-30, 2019). Financial support will be provided which will cover travel to and from meeting and lodging during the PAS meeting.

Eligibility Criteria: Any child health professional who is a foreign national currently living outside of the U.S. or Canada is eligible. Preference will be given to junior child health professionals from and working in developing countries that might otherwise not have the opportunity to present their work at international meetings or to visit colleagues in the U.S. The submitter must be the first author and the leader in conducting the research. The abstract must be in English and represent previously unpublished work. To receive the award the winner must attend the meeting and present their research including a slide presentation in the English language.

Nomination Process: Abstracts must follow the format outlined below. The body of the abstract (excluding title and authors and funding source) must be no greater than 375 words in length: * Title: Abstracts must be titled and include all authors * Background: Concisely explain the importance of the health problem addressed by your research * Objective(s): Briefly describe the main objective(s) of your research. * Methods: Describe how you conducted your study including the type of study design, population included, specific methods and statistical tests used. * Results: Describe the results of your study and the statistically significant differences found. * Conclusions: State the most important conclusion(s) of your study, the relevance to the understanding of the health problem you are addressing and the potential impact on global child health. Please indicate your project funding source(s) at the end of your abstract. The methods and results sections are very important in evaluating your work; please be as complete as possible. Please submit only an abstract; accompanying papers will result in disqualification for this award.

You must complete the information page, and upload a PDF of your abstract, and a separate PDF containing your CV. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission. If you have any questions please email

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All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM EST on January 11, 2019.