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Erika Abramson, MD, MSc is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Associate Program Director for Pediatric Graduate Medical Education. She completed her undergraduate work at Yale University in 1999 and received her medical degree at New York University School of Medicine in 2003, achieving membership into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society. She then completed her pediatric residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in 2006 and also served as Chief Resident from 2006-2007. She received a Master of Science Degree from Weill Cornell in 2009. Her research interests are the effects of health information technology on prescribing safety and provider workflow. She has conducted multiple quantitative and qualitative research studies leading to over 25 peer-reviewed publications and is co-director of a fellowship in health services research.

Edward W. Boyer MD PhD has been continuously funded by NIH since 2001. His work is highly interdisciplinary and blends health, electrical engineering, and behavioral science into long-lasting interventions for common, expensive, and intractable medical conditions. He is an Assistant in Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital and Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

John Patrick T. Co, MD, MPH is a practicing primary care pediatrician with academic and administrative interests in quality improvement and medical education. He attended medical school and pediatric residency training at Stanford, after which he completed fellowships in General Pediatrics Academic Development at Johns Hopkins, and Pediatric Health Services Research at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. He has conducted grant funded and published research related to quality and medical education, including reviews of existing pediatric quality measures, evidence reviews, development and implementation of practice guidelines, assessing the impact of health information technology on quality of care, and self-directed learning. Currently, he serves as the Director of Pediatric Outpatient Quality and Safety at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Director of Graduate Medical Education for Partners HealthCare, and is an Associate Editor for Academic Pediatrics.

Benard Dreyer, MD is Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, Director of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics there, and Director of Pediatrics at Bellevue Hospital Center. He is Immediate Past President of the Academic Pediatric Association (APA), and is on the Program Committee for the annual Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) national meeting. In the APA, he has been an ardent supporter of the various Young Investigator Award programs. He is a former Chair of the APA Research Committee and presently leads the new APA Research Scholars Program. He also is co-chair of the APA Task Force on Childhood Poverty. He is very active in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), where he was Co-Chair of the AAP Health Literacy Program Advisory Committee and a past president of the AAP NY Chapter 3. He has been a member of the AAP Council on Communications and Media (COCM) and a liaison member of the Committee on Pediatric Research (COPR). His research interests include improving outcomes in early childhood development in young children, exploring the effects of media on child behavior and development, understanding the impact of the home environment on child development, and testing ways to improve health literacy and decrease medication errors. His research group has been instrumental in documenting the improved outcomes seen in children exposed to early literacy programs such as Reach-Out-And-Read, and has been on the forefront of studying ways to improve communications between providers and families with lower literacy/health literacy and limited English proficiency, and has received NIH and foundation funding for this research. His research and policy interest in health literacy has led to the publication of a book for pediatricians on health literacy strategies and resources titled Plain Language Pediatrics, the publication of a special issue of the journal Pediatrics that he edited, and his appointment to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Health Literacy. Dr. Dreyer has led workshops on abstract review, on leadership, and on survey design, among other topics.

Maryellen Gusic, MD serves as the Executive Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and is the Dolores and John Read Professor of Medical Education and Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In her role, she has oversight of undergraduate medical education at nine campuses across the state, graduate and continuing medical education, medical student affairs and admissions, the health professions programs and masters program in medical sciences, information resources and education technology including library services. She created an Office of Research in Medical Education at IU and is overseeing critical initiatives to enhance undergraduate medical education including a revision of the competency-based curriculum and the development and implementation of a distributed system of clinical education for students. Dr. Gusic's current scholarly interests include evaluating the performance of educators and determining the impact of faculty development programs and mentoring. She is the Senior Editor for Education for Academic Pediatrics and is the Chair of the Academic Pediatric Association's (APA) Education Committee, Co-director of the APA's Educational Scholars Program and a member of the Mentoring Task Force. She has led a task force for the AAMC to create a Toolbox for the Evaluation of Educators. Dr. Gusic is a member of the USMLE Step 2 Committee and of the Step 2 Clinical Skills Interdisciplinary Review Committee

Patricia Hicks, MD, MHPE The Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD) President, Dr. Hicks is Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, with appointment at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She is active in educational research, with ongoing projects with Initiative in Innovation for Pediatric Education (IIPE), APPD and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME); areas of focus for her research include assessment across the continuum using the Pediatrics Milestones and patient care handovers. She was one of the Pediatrics Milestones authors and has served in many other areas within the Pediatric educational community, some of which include: chairing the APPD LEARN Advisory Committee and directing the APPD LEARN-IIPE national collaboration to develop assessment instruments for the Pediatrics Milestones. She also serves on the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Program Directors Committee, a group that authored Assessment in Graduate Medical Education: A Primer for Pediatric Program Directors. Her clinical responsibilities are within the inpatient General Pediatrics teaching services at CHOP.

Jennifer Kesselheim, MD, EdM attended college at the University of Wisconsin and then completed both her MD degree and a Masters degree in medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania. During her residency training in pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital, Dr. Kesselheim developed and implemented an ethics curriculum for residents and engaged in research about how pediatricians learn ethics during their training. As a fellow in pediatric hematology-oncology, Dr. Kesselheim completed coursework to earn a Masters degree in education from Harvard. She is now an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, also serving as an associate fellowship program director in pediatric hematology-oncology, the medical educator for the Office of GME at Boston Children's Hospital, and the Associate Ethicist of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her research continues to focus on the methods and outcomes of physician education in the areas of ethics, humanism, and professionalism. Dr. Kesselheim lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with her husband, 5 year old son (Max) and infant daughter (Sydney).

Mark Neuman, MD MPH is a pediatric emergency physician in the Boston Children's emergency department. He is the director of fellowship research and research education in the division of emergency medicine at Boston Children's Hospital. He serves on the editorial board of Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Care. His research interest lies in the area of diagnostic testing for pneumonia. He also has expertise in the use of large national databases for the conduct of clinical research.

Lise Nigrovic, MD MPH is a pediatric emergency physician in the Boston Children's emergency department. She is the site PI for the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN), a federally funded multi-center pediatric emergency medicine research network. Her research interests are in the evaluation of children with meningeal infection and minor blunt head trauma.

Joshua E. Richardson, PhD, MLIS, MS has expertise in evaluating the design, implementation, and adoption of clinical informatics applications and health information technologies. He conducts research on behalf of New York State's Health Information Technology Evaluation Collaborative (HITEC) as an instructor in the Division of Quality and Medical Informatics at Weill Cornell Medical College and as a member of the Center for Healthcare Informatics and Policy (CHiP). His current work utilizes qualitative methods to investigate the impact of electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic transfer forms on health care organizations and physicians, as well as on state and national policies. He received a Ph.D. and a master's degree in biomedical informatics from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, where he conducted qualitative investigations into community-based physicians' needs related to clinical decision support technologies, helped determine best practices for clinical decision support knowledge management, and explored multi-user perspectives on the impact of hands free communication devices across two hospital organizations. He's also written about the evolution of knowledge work within the information economy as well as an assessment of e-book technical standards to earn a master's in library and information science from San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Hi current research interests include user-centered evaluations of health information technologies, mobile health, health care communication, health information exchange, and organizational behavior.

Theodore C. Sectish, MD is the Program Director and Vice Chair for Education at Boston Children's Hospital of the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics and Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He was the Program Director at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine from 1993-2007. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1977 and trained at Children's Hospital Boston from 1977 to 1980. Dr. Sectish practiced as a general pediatrician in Salinas, California from 1980 to 1993. As of January 1, 2007 he assumed the position as Executive Director of the Federation of Pediatric Organizations, an umbrella organization made up of the seven leading pediatric organizations. His interest in educational innovation and improvement spans the continuum from undergraduate medical education to graduate medical education and the continuous professional development of practicing physicians. He is a member of the American Pediatric Society.

Nancy Spector, MD is the Program Director and the Associate Chair of Education and Faculty Development at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. She is Professor of Pediatrics at Drexel University College of Medicine. She is the current Chair of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors' (APPD) Faculty and Professional Development Task Force, Chair of the APPD Mentorship Program, and Co-Chair of the Federation of Pediatric Organization's Working Group on Gender and Generations. Her scholarly work focuses on the development and implementation of competency-based educational programs, faculty development, professional development, mentoring programs, and leadership skills. She is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha and the American Pediatric Society.




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